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The Brand

In Lia Lam, courageous creativity meets fine jewellery artistry.

Creating architectural jewellery with a bold, contemporary spirit, Lia’s work dances with a tension of design and form. From a miscellany of inspiration, Lia creates luxuriously minimalist fine jewellery. 


Drawing on her love for dance and photography, Lia understands intimately the power of subtlety and subtraction. The poise and tension of a well-executed dance move can be felt in each design.

Balancing craft and concept, Lia Lam jewellery reflects a fusion of art and meaning. Behind clean lines and precise finishing lie evocative stories.


Perfection and innovation are the dual hallmarks of Lia’s fine jewellery. 

A bench-trained jeweller herself, Lia is undaunted by the constraints of traditional craft. Pushing the boundaries of possibility, Lia challenges her goldsmiths to realise visionary ideas to impeccable standards.


Handcrafted to order in London, Lia’s pieces are made with recycled gold and set with traceable gemstones and diamonds of exquisite quality.

Emerging Jewelllery Designer of the Year 2023 UKJA
Emerging Brand of the Year 2023 PJA

“A desire to forge my own path drives everything I do.

Jewellery was not always my plan, but I changed my life to make it happen. The first stop on my journey was London, where I learned gouache painting and traditional craft techniques in Hatton Garden. Next to Rome, where I practised the art of fine goldsmithing and wax modelling in Italy’s oldest jewellery school. Finally, I went to Paris, where I studied savoir-faire - the knowledge and history behind the finest high-jewellery.

I threw myself into learning the secrets of the industry, but even here my teachers saw my desire to forge a new path. Once I’ve grasped an idea or technique, I immediately begin to see how I can subvert it. My respect for traditional craft is matched by my desire for exploration and experimentation.

An irrepressible desire for discovery drives my life and work. I find it impossible to contain myself within a single artistic discipline, drawing inspiration from my photography, paper art, music and dance practices.

My design philosophy is akin to dance, where every movement has impact and significance. Behind the ease and grace of a dancer is a sharp focus, the smallest move deliberate. My jewellery designs are equally intentional, communicating their meaning through defined and minimal detail.

Often, the simplest pieces of art have the most thought behind the scenes, whether a deceptively effortless dance move or a perfectly framed photograph. I find this reflected in my jewellery design process.

First, I observe the intricacies of life and its stories, constructing my themes. Second I look to form and structure, drawing upon art and architecture for inspiration. Third, I daydream, reducing and exploring my ideas through hand sketching, gouache painting, and moodboarding. Finally, I turn to technology, using computer-aided design and 3D printing to help me achieve my signature precision. 

Every piece in my collection has a reason for being, a message expressed in the simplest and most poetic form. The spirit of my work lies in reducing my concepts to their very essence. Because in that essence is its power.”

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